Friday, February 18, 2011

Working with Scale

We are back at Joyce's house this morning for a lesson in Scale. Scale is one of the most important aspects of designing a room! When I first saw this pretty mantle, the antique mirror was hanging about 6" higher and a pair of massive sconces hung on either side. In the dining room hangs a massive 3"x4" print with these little vases beside it. We simply switched the sconces and vases and dropped the mirror 6" for a pretty new mantle that really calls attention to the pretty iron clock!!

Scale is the relationship between items based on their mass. You will hear it referred to in relationship to furniture, wall art, accessories and windows. In my above sample, the antique mirror, vases and iron clock all have dainty lines, so they work well together. Where we placed the mirror coming across the middle of the iron clock draws your eye immediately to the face of it.

I'll be checking back in a few days for a super neat idea for a headboard! Have a wonderful day! 

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