Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warm Spiced Cider for a cold Day

I met Joyce in front of the paint stand at Hoover Paint while she was trying to decide on an orange for her dining room. She'll be the 1st to admit, she doesn't have a good sense of color and I tried to hide my shock at the Tigger orange she held in her hand. After talking for a few minutes she asked me to come to her house and help her choose a color to go with her new rug.

A few nights later I met her at her house. I walked into a nice, serene sage green living room only to look into a fire engine red dining room, I mean dynamite red!!  Somehow it seemed a little off with the other elements of  the room. I don't like to choose colors too much at night because there isn't any natural light to take into consideration but I settled on a color called Warm Cider.

A few weeks have passed and I just saw our new color on the wall, and let me say, it's spectacular!! I will post more photos later as we are still working on staging and window treatments but I was completely amazed at how much larger, even with the darker color the room seemed. I had not even noticed the beautiful chandelier hanging in that room because the red was so overwhelming.  Joyce loves the new color and friends and family have been commenting on the new look of the dining room. Stay tuned for more photos of her house very soon!

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