Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodbye 1980's

Do you have a space in a time warp? Maybe it's carpeting, light fixtures or in this case, old paneling installed in the 1970's. The owner actually had already covered it up with a very thick liner and heavily emobossed wall paper with a border, hence the goodbye 1980's.

There are basically two options of ridding a space of old paneling, rip it out or cover it up. Because this house was built in the early 70's we didn't want to disrupt old materials so we opted to cover it up, wallpaper intact. The new drywall went in at 1/4" instead of the usual 1/2" drywall, for three reasons, not disrupting old materials, ease of replacing trim and cost. We saved the homeowners several hundred dollars by not having the tear down and hauling cost. In fact, we used Collier and Jesse from Prescott Drywall, two very respectful and fine young men for the job! We now have beautiful walls ready to paint and three popcorn ceilings removed for $1,200.00 .

This might be an option for you...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ideas for Headboards

Do you have a low profile headboard that gets covered up with pillows? Maybe no headboard at all? There are amazing ideas for headboards most of which attach directly to your wall. In my example, an old discarded screen comes into play and heightens the room by drawing the eye upward.

Other items to look for would be old iron gates, a new coat of paint will do wonders for them! Check out the fabulous upholstered headboards at Gifford St. Fabrics, totally custom with all kinds of possibilities in shapes, fabrics, nailheads and more. Other ideas include beadboard painted and then stenciled, or maybe a rod iron piece of decor hanging on it, maybe some shelves to make a home for loved pieces!

The ideas are endless. Check out your Home Depot or Lowes for some other functional solutions!